Shopping Centers in Antalya

Shopping Centers in Antalya

Shopping Centers in Antalya

Whether you are looking for a souvenir or a new outfit, you can be sure that you will find what you are looking for with many shopping centers and bazaars in Antalya. Here is a summary of Antalya's best shopping spots. There are many shopping centers and shopping centers worth seeing in Antalya.

Terracity, Antalya's most popular shopping mall, is located in Lara. It is a multi-level mall with approximately 180 stores, a handful of restaurants, food courts, and a cinema. You'll find everything from local brands to prestigious international fashion houses in this mall. We recommend this mall as it has one of the largest selection of shops and restaurants. The area surrounding the mall is also known for its restaurants and nightlife, making it an ideal place to shop during the day followed by an evening.

Migros Shopping Center:
Another popular multi-storey shopping center is Migros. Not to be confused with the common Migros supermarket. If you choose this mall, go to the right place you can find it here. This mall has a large number of stores and one of the largest grocery supermarkets. It is close to Konyaaltı Beach, Antalya Aquarium and Aqualand Water Park. 7 Mehmet, one of Antalya's best restaurants, is also within walking distance. This mall is the perfect choice if you want to combine shopping with other activities.

Mark Antalya:
MarkAntalya is centrally located near the old city. It is a great option for shopping if you want to visit this area. It is also a large, multi-level mall with many shops and grocery options. If you are looking for baby shops, MarkAntalya offers a little more choice, otherwise we prefer the two shopping centers mentioned above. Markantalya can be quite crowded, so we recommend visiting outside of the busiest times. The best thing to visit near MarkAntalya is the Old Town, which is a 15-minute walk away.

Mall of Antalya:
Mall of Antalya is a very large shopping center on two levels. It is close to the airport for those who want to kill some time before the flight. They have a wide variety of stores but nothing special compared to other malls mentioned earlier. There is also a food court where you can have a quick bite. There is not much to say in the area. We recommend this mall most of the time if you are near the airport or on the way.

There is not much between Agora and Mall of Antalya. They are very close to each other and offer similar store options. Agora is slightly larger and offers a wider range of food.

Erasta is located near the Migros shopping mall. It is not a closed shopping center that can get hot enough in the summer. It has a small cinema and average selection of shops. It's usually a little less crowded than other stores, so this can be a good option if you want to avoid the crowds. There is nothing interesting in the area.

This mall is a favorite with discerning travelers and luxury enthusiasts. Located in the Lara area, the mall offers shopping and entertainment for young and old. You can take advantage of long working hours and do all your shopping without rushing. If you have time left, you can watch a movie on Cinemapink.

Ozdilek Park:
This mall offers four floors where you can make your shopping dreams come true. Whatever you are looking for, you can definitely find an invention at Özdilek. The mall not only offers shops but is designed as a complete entertainment center. You can rest

Deepo outlet center:
Deepo Center, which opened its doors in 2004, is one of the largest shopping centers in the Mediterranean region. With more than 38,000 square feet of space, you can shop, dine, drink or watch a movie year-round. Deepo brand stores are stores that attract tourists and locals for special deals. What are you waiting for?

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