Golf Tourism Antalya

Golf Tourism Antalya

Golf Tourism Antalya

A fascinating mix of the West and East, Turkey is the cradle of cultures and civilizations that connect Europe and Asia and the capital of civilizations that have ruled the land of Anatolia for centuries. Turkey is a unique destination with beautiful landscapes, fantastic ancient ruins and a rich culture. Turkey has become one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

In the past two decades, Turkey has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Turkey is the fourth most visited tourism country in Europe.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism has implemented and produced new strategies to create a new tourism product to sustain tourism demand in different ways. In terms of alternative tourism, dubbed as the 'capital of golf in Turkey', Belek is an elite and stylish Antalya region located on the Mediterranean coast.

Belek is the most popular golf destination, offering courses designed by Sir Nick Faldo and Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie. In addition to the spectacular wave, Belek borders the beautiful history and culture surrounding Antalya.

Turkey is a rising star of the golfing destinations in the world and Turkey is improving and supporting golf as a successful tourist product.

Golf tourism has developed rapidly in Antalya over the past 20 years. Turkey, with its intense wave development, competes with the leaders of the Mediterranean market in Spain and Portugal.

In the early 1990s, Belek in Antalya was selected by the Turkish government to evolve into a golf tourism destination due to the benefits of the region:

* High level accessibility. (Antalya International Airport is one of the largest airports in Turkey)

* Availability of much of the land on the coast, suitable for various golf course structures.

* The right climatic conditions ensure that you can play all year round and perfect golf conditions in the spring and fall.

* The large supply of fresh water.

 For these reasons, Belek-Antalya has become a golf capital in Turkey. On the other hand, Antalya is also one of the most important "sea and sun" and "historical and cultural" tourist destination of Turkey. With 16 high-end gold resorts, Belek offers golfers a "full family vacation".

In addition to golf investments, Belek has become one of the rising stars of golf destinations in 10 years.

Due to all the above advantages, golf is one of the prominent parts of Turkish tourism. The Turkish government gives priority to golf for tourism development. Currently there are almost 25 intended courses in Antalya and eight others in the other regions of Turkey.

Finally, it can be said that golf tourism in Turkey has grown rapidly.

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