Religion Garden in Belek

The Religions Garden in Antalya is where the three great religions meet after Jerusalem. In this garden built in 2004, mosques, synagogues and churches stand side by side. While making this garden, the message was asked to give the message that religions are tolerant and respectful to other religions. Welcoming an average of 200 visitors a day, this garden is also very popular with domestic and foreign tourists. The mosque in this garden was named the Garden of Eden, and the church was named Ruhullah. The name of the synagogue has not been given.
Three religions in a garden: Garden of Religions
In the Garden of Religions in Belek, Antalya, many visitors are offered to the visitors by the clergy. As a result of the opening of the garden, Belek, which has been one of the important regions of Antalya with golf, football and congress tourism, has gained a new identity until today.
Christmas ritual in the Garden of Religions
This year, the Christmas ritual was held in the Garden of Religions. Nearly every year Christian people and those who were there for the holidays attended. In the church in the middle of the mosque and synagogue, Christmas hymns were read and a message of tolerance was given.
Three religions in a garden: Garden of Religions
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