Funicular to Mount Tunektepe in Antalya

Back in 1986, the municipal government of Antalya decided that it would be cool to lay a cable car to the Tunektepe hill, which proudly rises above Antalya. As many as 30 years have passed from the decision to the real start of construction. And now, in 2016, the cable car, which has been talked about for so long and so much, was finally built, it was tested for a couple of months and in 2017 the Tunektepe funicular was launched for everyone.
According to the mayor, the construction of the lift cost 15 million Turkish liras. 36 cabins, with a capacity of 8 people, 3604 meters of cable, in 9 minutes it will take you to a height of about 700 meters above sea level. In an hour on the funicular, up to 1,200 people can climb the mountain. However, I doubt that there would be such an influx of comers. Although, it all depends on how actively this type of entertainment will be sold to tourists.
And although the altitude of 700 meters does not sound very serious, Mount Tunektepe has a very good location, that it offers an incredible panorama in both directions - both throughout Antalya and the mountains towards Kemer.
The only obvious minus is that the lift does not work in the wind, since the cabs are very susceptible to active swaying.