1 ) How do I locate my driver, vehicle or pick-up point?
By the transfer time you have selected, at the exit of the airport or hotel your driver will be waiting you with a sign displaying your name. If not, after reservation you will receive a transfer voucher, specifying all details with a name and number of our local representative within your selected destination.
2 ) I can not find my driver, vehicle or pick-up point on arrival, what should I do?
Please contact the local number or emergency number as specified on the transfer voucher, our local representative will help you.
3 ) Will the transfer be direct or stop en-route?
Depending on the transfer booked, private transfers provide a direct door to door service.
4 ) My flight is delayed what should I do?
Don`t panic. Our transfer specialists follow the online flight schedule 24 hours. If any delay or changes our driver will be there on right time.
5 ) Can I bring extra luggage?
You are allowed to bring one suitcase per person. When you want to bring exta luggage free of charge you need to add a note on the special request selection on our booking page. If we re not informed there will be an extra fee charged at arrival.
6 ) I’m travelling to a private property and not to a hotel or apartment, can you help?
We offer the majority of destinations within the specified resort/city. Please contact us to confirm the address. If you don’t know the full address we can drop you off at the local tourist office.
7 ) I decided to book a holiday at last minute and need a transfer?
Last Minute? We like you, please check first our last minute transfers offers if you can not see an avaible transfer for you, no problem create an online transfer request max in 30 minutes we will answer your request.
8 ) Is it safe to book online?
Yes it is, please check the status of our SSL certificate and our privacy policy.
9 ) I have a disability and want to bring my wheelchair, is this be possible?
When you are able to travel without requiring any assistance you can bring a foldable wheelchair. Please add a note on the special request section on our booking page. Or ask for private wheelchair transfers.
10 ) What should I do if the wrong Resort has been Booked?
You can view your booking and change. if you can not plase contact us by e-mail.
11 ) I want to cancel my booking, how do I cancel?
You may cancel your booking at any time by e-mail, to [email protected] All cancellations are 100% refundable.