Excursion tips for the Düden waterfall in Antalya Turkey

Does an excursion to the Düden waterfall in Antalya pay off?
It depends on which one you want to visit.
The 30-kilometer Düden River falls twice from a waterfall on its way out of the Taurus Mountains.
A waterfall is on the coast of Antalya. There the water falls 40 meters into the sea.
The upper Düden waterfall is 15 km north of the coast. In a small nature park, with a breathtaking cave, behind a waterfall.
The water of the Düden river comes from the Kirkgözler and Pinarbasi sources in the Taurus Mountains. The two watercourses come from the mountains, only after a few kilometers to the actual Düden river.
Shortly afterwards, the water disappears into a karst chimney.
It is 14 kilometers further up in the Kepez district of Antalya. From there it is only a few kilometers to the upper Düden waterfall.
The upper Düden waterfall in Kepez: picnic area and a cave behind the waterfall
The upper Düden waterfall belongs to Antalya's district Kepez. It is one of the fastest growing areas in Antalya. Until a few years ago, there were only a few vegetable fields there. In the meantime, many of the free areas around the waterfall have been built up.
Although a new district is developing around the Düdenbasi Piknick Alani, nothing is noticeable in the park. With its tea gardens overgrown with trees, the park is one of the quiet spots in Antalya. That makes the small forest area in the otherwise so lively Antalya a real natural oasis.
In the summer months, the Düdenbasi is a wonderful place to cool off from the hot day weather. The trees cast long shadows and the river water cools the area. It is most pleasant in summer in front of the waterfall. There you can feel the spray of the waterfall on your face, which is caused by the draft of the falling water.
It is even cooler in the cave behind the waterfall. You can get in from the top and bottom of the waterfall. From the top, a spiral staircase leads directly behind the falling water. On the lower side, a staircase leads through a small cave to the waterfall.