Butterfly Park in Antalya

With an investment of 5 million TL in Antalya, Kelebek Park, which has hundreds of butterflies of 12 different species, opened its doors. For the breeding of 10 thousand breeds of plants for 'Attacus Atlas, Cethosia Cyane, Graphium Agamennon, Hypolimnas Bolina, Idea Leuconea, Pachiopta Kotzebuea, Papilio Demoleus, Papilio Lowi, Papilio Polinurus, Papilio Polytes, Papilio Rumanzoia, Parthenos Sylvia, for 10 thousand breeds and flowers were planted. In order to prevent the butterflies from being affected, the air temperature and humidity in the park are kept under constant control. In the park where the natural environment of butterflies is created, the air temperature is kept between 35- 38 degrees, the humidity is between 30-50 percent. Colorful butterflies emerging from the Pupa era began to fly in the park. The butterflies, which are divided into types according to the shapes and colors on their wings, are placed in the hands extending to them, and when they are afraid, they close their wings.
Dursun noted that the butterflies have been 'admirers of life', which have always been admired and watched with great interest in the nature since the existence of butterflies, and said that the park built on approximately 50 decares of land in Kundu Tourism Zone is the product of approximately 1 year of work.
Eco-tourism is the most important activity of the flora and fauna tourism, diversification of tourism and to contribute to the increase of the revenues in order with Turkey's largest butterfly park in the city. As the living and exhibition area of ​​butterflies in the park, approximately 2 thousand square meters of closed, special architectural design area will be presented to the attention of our visitors. In our theme park, there will be thousands of butterflies of about 25 different species from around 25 countries.
Stating that there are 12 types of butterflies in the park at the moment, this number will increase in the following period, and in the butterfly park there will also be sections where the production of honey in the botanical garden, wildlife and wild animal species, bird species, ant habitat and transparent hives can be watched. In the park, a breeding area has been created for 10 types of butterflies, 5 of which are tropical and 5 of which are native.
There is very different information about the lifespan of butterflies in the society, and the most common blood is 1 day, "It is completely wrong information. The lifespan of the butterflies we see in the area varies between 2 and 4 weeks. The butterfly cycle starts with the pupa stage (the period before the birth of the butterfly). Then he waits for 1 day to dry his wings, then he starts to fly and lives by feeding with flower nectars.