Antalya is a historic and beautiful harbour city with a special atmosphere

Antalya Travel GuideAntalya is a historic and beautiful harbour city with a special atmosphere
The province is a major city on the Turkish Riviera on the south coast of Turkey. More than half of the population of the province lives in this coastal city and with more than 2 million inhabitants, Antalya is one of the 10 largest cities in Turkey. Since it is on top of a cliff, the view of the Mediterranean Sea here is absolutely breathtaking. Antalya's major port is one of the main attractions of the city.
The historic coastal city of Antalya:
Antalya's history dates back to pre-Christian times. In addition to Alexander the Great, various other cultures conquered and settled in the city in the past 2,000 years. This is one of the reasons why the historical old town of Antalya has a combination of different styles. Antalya, along with Alanya, Side and Belek, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey, which is why you will find many holidaymakers on this beach, as well as large holiday complexes, in this Turkish port city.
A city with cultural flair:
As mentioned earlier, Antalya is home to a mix of Antalya's cultures and sights, making the coastal town an interesting travel destination for history fans and attracting many tourists every year. You can admire the Roman decadence at the entrance of the old city, where you will also find Hadrian's Gate built in 130 AD. The gate perfectly illustrates the fusion of cultures in Antalya as the two distinctive towers of Hadrian's Gate were built in two completely different eras. One tower was built by the Romans and the other by a sultan. This sultan also provided Antalya with another landmark, the minaret of the Yivli-Minare Mosque, which is located in the center of Antalya. A visit to the old city of Antalya is an absolute must.
Harbour of Antalya:
Another attraction is the harbor of Antalya, located below the city and surrounded by old city walls. From here you can enjoy a picturesque view of the Antalya coast and this landmark of the city also has its own interesting history. The port developed from an important naval base into a thriving trading center under the Seljuk dynasty. This was and still is a reason for Antalya's wealth and its continued successful expansion. Today, the port is still an important trading point for textiles, vegetables, fruit and much more.
Things to do in Antalya:
* The marina of Antalya:
This landmark in Antalya is not only one of the most important and oldest places in the city, but also an ideal starting point for boat trips that will make your history journey through Antalya even more interesting.
* Yivli-Minare Mosque:
The mosque with its minaret is Antalya's landmark and therefore a popular postcard motif and if you come to Antalya you should definitely not miss it.
* Hadrian's Gate:
As mentioned earlier, Hadrian's Gate in a very special way reveals some of the history of the city and the fusion of cultures in Antalya and we strongly recommend you visit this landmark, which is partly old.
Beaches in Antalya - Beautiful scenery and beaches with amenities
Antalya's beaches are often mixtures of sand, pebbles and stones. As usual on the Turkish Riviera, many hotels are claimed by the hotels and many activities offered on the beach are exclusive to the guests of the hotels and also some parts of the beach are not open to the general public. However, with our help you can find beaches where you can enjoy a great beach holiday without staying in a hotel. There are beaches with many amenities close to the city, and nature lovers get their money's worth in a beautiful nature reserve southwest of Antalya.
Beaches with amenities in Antalya:
You will find action, amenities and luxury on the popular Lara beach and on Örnekköy beach with a wide range of services and activities, but also where beach holidaymakers enjoy the sea and sun. If you prefer more space, peace and privacy to relax, but still want a selection of amenities, Konyaalti Beach is for you. Although it is busier in parts than the other two, this popular beach is about 7 kilometers long and therefore offers enough space for beach stalls that also rent out sun loungers. We found the best combination of relaxation, amenities and proximity to the city on our beachside insider tip in Antalya.
Natural beaches in Antalya:
If you prefer a little bit of nature you have to travel and you will be rewarded with great bays and beaches such as Kargicak Plaji and Topcam Beach where you can spend a day on the beach.