10 best hotels in Antalya (Lara), by rating and location

10 best hotels in Antalya (Lara), by rating and location
Antalya is the capital of summer tourism in Turkey.
The large club complexes are located in the east of the center of Antalya on Lara Beach, including some of the best hotels in Turkey. In the old town of Antalya there are good boutique hotels in Ottoman houses, some of which are 300 years old.
These are the best hotels in Antalya-Lara sorted by rating and location of guests
Top 10 hotels in Antalya
Barut Lara in Antalya 5 stars
The 5-star Hotel Barut is located on the beach of Lara in the east of the city center of Antalya, directly by the sea. Barut Hotels has some of the best hotels on the Turkish Riviera and Turkey. Barut Lara is currently one of the top 5 star hotels in Turkey. The hotel's location on Lara Beach with a transfer time of just 30 minutes to the airport is also ideal for a short stay in Antalya.
HolidayCheck: 97% / 3278 hotel reviews
Booking.com: 9.0 / 10/181 hotel reviews
TripAdvisor: 94% / 3723 hotel reviews
Google: 4.7 / 5/479 reviews
Facebook: 4.8 / 5/1364 ratings
Overall rating: 94.2%
Liberty Hotels Lara Beach in Antalya, 5 stars
The Liberty Hotels Lara Beach is located directly on the beautiful sandy beach in the east of Antalya. The hotel is located in a large park with sports fields. Liberty Lara is also one of the hotels with the most swimming pools in Antalya. In summer, the all-inclusive hotel is an ideal place for a beach holiday with the whole family.
HolidayCheck: 97% / 4422 hotel reviews
Booking.com: 9.1 / 10/711 hotel reviews
TripAdvisor: 91% / 3747 hotel reviews
Google: 4.5 / 5/436 reviews
Facebook: 4.8 / 5/1320 reviews
Overall rating: 93%
Baia Lara in Antalya 5 stars
The 5-star all-inclusive hotel Baia is located directly on the Lara beach in Antalya. The hotel has a large park with several swimming pools. The Park Aqua water park is right next to the Baia Lara Hotel. The hotel is located on one of the most beautiful parts of Lara Beach. Reviews are good and the price of a package tour at Hotel Baia is good for the Lara Beach area.
HolidayCheck: 96% / 2117 hotel reviews
Booking.com: 8.9 / 10/106 hotel reviews
TripAdvisor: 92% / 2489 hotel reviews
Google: 4.7 / 5/395 reviews
Facebook: 4.7 / 5/2016 ratings
Overall rating: 93%
Akra Barut Hotel in Antalya-Lara, 5 stars
The five-star Hotel Akra Barut is located above the cliffs in the east of Antalya between the old town and the Düden waterfall. It is probably the hotel with the best views in Antalya due to its height and additional location above the cliffs. The Akra Barut Hotel is an ideal choice for a city break or a business trip to Antalya. The hotel also has several swimming pools, a large green area with sports fields and a swimming platform under the cliffs.
HolidayCheck: 94% / 64 hotel reviews
Booking.com: 9.1 / 10/2587 hotel reviews
TripAdvisor: 91% / 1146 hotel reviews
Google: 4.6 / 5/922 reviews
Facebook: 4.8 / 5/580 ratings
Overall rating: 92.8%
Melas Lara Hotel Antalya, 5 stars
The 5-star all-inclusive Hotel Melas is located right on Lara Beach in Antalya. The Melas is a bit smaller than the other hotels on Lara Beach. Between the main building and Lara Beach are the hotel pools and a long park with lounge areas. The Melas Lara is smaller than other hotels, but the reviews are excellent.
HolidayCheck: 98% / 4390 hotel reviews
Booking.com: 8.9 / 10/104 hotel reviews
TripAdvisor: 89% / 621 hotel reviews
Google: 4.6 / 5/279 reviews
Facebook: 4.7 / 5/529 reviews
Overall rating: 92.4%
Royal Holiday Palace, 5 stars
The 5-star Royal Holiday Palace is one of the most striking hotels on Lara Beach in Antalya. The facade with the small towers on all four sides stands out compared to the other hotels, some of which are simpler. The architecture is not the only thing that stands out at the Royal Holiday Palace: it is one of the top-rated 5-star hotels in Antalya, the palace has many pools, a large park and of course a beautiful part of the beach of Lara.
HolidayCheck: 97% / 5813 hotel reviews
Booking.com: 8.2 / 10/184 hotel reviews
TripAdvisor: 86% / 1279 hotel reviews
Google: 4.7 / 5/437 reviews
Facebook: 4.9 / 5/304 ratings
Overall rating: 91.4%
Hotel Adalya Elite Lara-Antalya, 5 stars
The 5-star all-inclusive Hotel Adalya Elite is located directly on the sandy beach in Lara-Antalya. The luxury hotel has numerous swimming pools, restaurants and sports fields. The Adalya Elite is regularly one of the most booked and popular all-inclusive hotels on the Turkish Riviera.
HolidayCheck: 94% / 1446 hotel reviews
Booking.com: 8.7 / 10/347 hotel reviews
TripAdvisor: 92% / 871 hotel reviews
Google: 4.5 / 5/661 reviews
Facebook: 4.6 / 5/1244 reviews
Overall rating: 91%
Hotel Delphin Imperial in Antalya, 5 stars
The 5 star Delphin Hotels are among the most distinctive and best hotels in Antalya. The Delphin Imperial is also on my list of the hotels with the largest water parks in Turkey. The neighboring Delphin Imperial hotels are the highly rated Delphin Diva Premiere and Delphin Palace. All three hotels are located on a separate section of Lara Beach.
HolidayCheck: 91% / 7677 hotel reviews
Booking.com: 8.6 / 10/628 hotel reviews
TripAdvisor: 85% / 1421 hotel reviews
Google: 4.6 / 5/754 reviews
Facebook: 4.9 / 5/236 reviews
Overall rating: 90.4%
Hotel Fame Residence Antalya Lara, 5 stars
The 5-star Hotel Fame Residence Lare is a lively resort hotel with swimming pools, disco, rooms with sea views, varied restaurants and a direct beach location. The area of ​​the hotel is divided into a large main building, green areas, several swimming pools and a separate area on the sandy beach of Lara.
HolidayCheck: 95% / 4373 hotel reviews
Booking.com: 8.9 / 10/473 hotel reviews
TripAdvisor: 83% / 597 hotel reviews
Google: 4.5 / 5/464 reviews
Facebook: 4.7 / 5/921 ratings
Overall rating: 90.2%
Hotel Concorde De Luxe Resort, 5 stars
The 5-star all-inclusive resort Concorde De Luxe is one of the most famous luxury hotels in Antalya-Lara. This is evident from the number of good reviews by guests. The hotel rooms are stylishly furnished, a night club, a sushi bar, a bowling alley, one of the largest hotel parks in Lara, many swimming pools, sports fields and a private beach area ensure a successful holiday by the sea in Antalya.
HolidayCheck: 96% / 7282 hotel reviews
Booking.com: 8.6 / 10/202 hotel reviews
TripAdvisor: 84% / 1958 hotel reviews
Google: 4.5 / 5/574 reviews
Facebook: 4.7 / 5/154 reviews
Overall rating: 90%